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Signs Of Termites & Pest Inspections

•The only way to know if you have a termite infestation in your home is to do a termite inspection in Melbourne. If we do a full pest inspection and that will indicate how far they have eaten into your timber.

•Do not be fooled when buying a new house that has had a fresh coat of paint and were the termite damage has been patched up. We can indicate within minutes if the house has been infected or been treated in the past.

•Live Termites damage homes beyond that are beyond repair. And can devastate family property and leave homeowners with an expense for damages that many can’t afford to fix, so seek some professional advice by an expert in Melbourne.

•Termite treatment and termite protection jobs are done by rapid pest control Melbourne. We do all types of works from a small termite certificate of compliance protection AS3660.1 2014, we also carry out large termite pre treatments AS3660.2 2000. All termite certificates are given after the job is completed.

•Here is a list of SIGNS OF TERMITES from 1 - 10 on the bottom.

•1 Damaged & Soft Wood

Drywood termites build their colonies within timber construction on which they feed on. They can be found inside of cavity walls. Drywood termite invasion may only become probable after a colony has tunnelled so broad into a beset item that the exterior cracks and the muddle-like tunnels below become noticeable. Should this occur on new floorboards or plaster walls or and timber cladding, contact a rapid pest control Melbourne to discuss the harshness of your problem, as well as extermination prices.

•2 Plaster Damage

Indeed, termites really don't like to eat drywall "plaster" or paint. They do, however, like the outside paper and glue that covers the plaster board. Especially if it gets moist from some sort of inundation. When the wall becomes moist, the paper soaks up water and draws them in. They will tunnel between your plaster and paint surface and the drywall as they damage their way crosswise along the wall.

•3 Noise Banging At Night

That’s right, termites tend to chew with their mouths wide open, and they make it 24/7, all day long, they never sleep. When accelerated by positive vibrations, termites get louder and more destructive with their chewing, which they make a like clicking noise, or someone taping to the wall all day long. If you put your ear to the wall and hear tap, tap, it is time for a termite inspection.

•4 Wood-Coloured Droppings

Termites are a living bug which eat and discharge, and their droppings, we call it frass, feature wood-coloured pellets. If you do find these small droppings in your house, we recommend on calling us for an inspection.

•5 Flying Termites Around

The most obvious sign you have a termite infestation is the small insects flying in or around your house. A little may not guarantee a colony of termites eating away at your home’s infrastructure, but frequent sightings can call in a professional, especially since they rarely fly far from their nest.

•6 Hard to Open Windows

Similarly, to the bubbling paint, moisture from termites can cause wood frames to expand. If you’re struggling to open a window in your home, termites may be the cause.

•7 blistering Paint Window Jambs

Bubbling paint indicates a water problem, and termites produce moisture when tunnelling and eating. Look around for peeling paint on wood panels, which can be a sign of a termite infestation.

•8 Mud Tunnels-Mud Leads

Termites live beneath the ground, making tunnels to sources of food. These mud tubes leave uneven patterns made from mud-like tubes in your house walls. Although they are difficult to see and find, you can find them under your house or in up your cavity wall.

•9 Frass Termite Droppings

Termites live off of the least amount of moisture produced in the timber and when they release droppings they remove as much moisture from it as available, emerge in hard pellet like feces. To control, a clean counter, termites create holes to kick out their misuse. This waste, now out on tour window ledge, can quickly be seen and noted as a sign of termites in your home in Melbourne.

•10 Termite Wings

Young, female and male termites waste from their nests to clone, dropping their wings in the process. Swarmers fly away to start new termite colonies, including in your homes, during the generating stages. They have white/see-through wings and can identify a termite problem early if you find them in your home.

•Termite Prices Below

•Barrier Termite Treatment prices start at approx $1200.00 in Melbourne

•How much does protection of Termite injection cost? approx $1,200.00

•Cheap Termite Protection for any small job cost between $440.00 - $880.00

•Termite Baiting prices start $800.00 - $2,500.00 - yearly cost of around $900.00

•Termite Protection with a Spray, Dust or Foam may cost start $220.00 and $550.00 depending on the size of the job

•In Melbourne from $250.00 for a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection, and $300.00 - $800.00 for both building & pest inspection combined

•Termite Barrier Soil Protection is the longest treatment of getting rid of termites with Termidor. Approx cost $1,200.00 and $3,500.00 done every 8 years

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