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Bees are a creepy crawly which are regarded as the most beneficial species because of their ability to pollinate plants, produce beeswax and honey. The bee is considered a pest when it starts to build nests in your home!. The bees can establish nests in trees, walls, windows or brick walls. Bees are a common during summer. During winter, bees survive by huddling together forming a tight warm cluster. During the year, new queens are produced and the old queen and a number of worker bees take off the to swarm


Swarming Bee Problems

Swarming is the process of searching for a new place. If the swarm settles in a location were there not wanted, such as the brick wall of a house, then they become pests. There is a low risk of being stung around, because it is a period of exposure and the colony has no hive or honey to defend. If the bees live in a hive, then hopefully they had a kind beekeeper who ensured they would have enough of their own honey, full of nutrients and goodness, to sustain them.


As the weather starts to heat up in Melbourne, the colony gets larger, and more workers are produced. The honey bee swarm is a super-organism - a jointly co-operating unit of thousands of units, which saves its ability through being very well planned. There may be 50,000 workers carefully combing, adjusting the warmth in the bee hive, as well as feeding each other, washing, generate wax, comb & honey. The queen is busy producing, and more workers, and finally buzz.

During all this exercise, the thing is that else very main is happening: communication over ‘pheromones’. Bee smell are produced by workers, buzz and the queen. The odor is passed on through ‘food dividing’ – the partners of the swarm feed each other, with transmitting the smell. So, in the act of giving, the bees are also cooperate with each other. This is noted as ‘trophallaxis’.

Queen Honey Bee

The queen honey bee creates the ‘queen pheromone’. This pheromone brings the workers to her, and inspires all them to build the comb, hunt, and tend to breed. The whole colony knows it must have a queen for its constant durability, so the honey bee queen works a very big role, as do buzz, which match with queens to ensure long makings. We get rid of bees and kill bees if we need to when a bee catcher cant get to it behind the cavity wall in your home.

Book Professional Bee Hive Removal in Melbourne

Lots of unprofessional or inexperienced try to remove, get id of or kill the bees can outcome in the colony of bees to become threatening and watchful of the queen bee who they will guard with their life, this essence if you happen to be around when the threat of an inexperienced or DIY bee removalist is being attempted you may find yourself in trouble by an angry flock of bees.

Prices in Melbourne start at $120 to $250 approx cost for bee hive removal

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