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Basic Principles


Controlling large rat infestations, not single rats, is the key to a popular rat control program in your area or home. Examples of infestations are the rats within a large area, especially those in a drain, the rats infesting your house, or those living in or around a Melbourne city. At any given time, each most large inner suburbs has a positive capacity to hold rats. This size is associated to the source of food that is about, shelter, living area and other basic rat concern. The rat infestation needs to be wiped out fast to stop them from mating. Constant decrease is a vital cause (grains, water, or shelter) in the area will redeuce in a permanent decrease in rats.


Efficient Importance


Rats in the human environment cause lanrge annual monetary loss. They consume or poison broad amounts of food and feed and crush other goods, in Melbourne as, for example, when they cause fires by gnawing the plastic from electric cables. It is predicted that 30% of fires of unknown basis on farms is due to rats. No positive costing of the rat population of Australia is known as a basis for calculating these damages, although the amount of one rat for second person has generally been quoted in the article. If, in regard of recent changes in environmental hygiene and rat treatment, this rough costing used in the prior is decreased by one-half, that is, to an likely 1 rat for each 2 people, then Melbounre has some 200,000,000 rats. Each rat costs between $1 and $100 worth of food and other goods per year by gnawing and feeding the food, and harms 10 to 15 times more. Thus, rats may cost the Australia between $600,000,000 and $2,000,000,000 each year in terms of material losses.




In Melbourne we deal with rats damaging citrus trees and vegetables, They gnaw the bark off of lemon trees, or chew off the leaves and twigs, or chew the peal from the fruit. Roof rats are the most common rats we have in Melbourne and can cause a astounding amount of damage to your electrical cables. It is important to get rid of the rats fast so you don't have any issue. Once they’ve come into your roof and walls, they will begin to douse most places they come in advocate with urine and rat poo. Rats urinate as they walk as a form of smell tracking to let other rats know where to go for house and find food. It is also known to get that the rats you have in your roof are not always just one rat. They will have lots of nesting sites throughout your home whether its the house next door or a burrow near your home. The best way to kill rats is to poison them asap.


How To Get Rid Of Rats


Starve rodents of other food sources is the key, such as bin lids open, compost over flow and easy to get at food in your home (pantry food off the floor). Remove water bowls, such as broken down pipes or pet food, and block access holes for rats to enter inside. Place the bait where children and pets can’t get into. Or, if using wax blocks, hide them in a safe place. Only a single feed is required to kill rats within several days, though all should die within 1 week.


Get Rid Of Rats With Rodent Bait


Rodenticides are poison baits and should be put in areas where at home animals and children can't get to them. For protection against accidental poisoning with babies, use child proof bait boxes that hold the baits inside that keep children and pets away from them.


Population Forces


The size of a rat infestations in Melbourne at any given time are: breeding, death, and actions into or out of an space. Breeding tends to increase a infestation, mortality to decrease it, and actions can work both ways. Rats breed throughout the whole year, with peaks in spring to autum. Winter time is the best to plan a baiting operation on a rat infestation, since maiting is then at it's lowest. Summer is the best time, then autum. In testing, flight poisoned in the winter took 6 months to return to standards; those poisoned in summer, only 12 months.


Population Change


As rat and mice populations grow in larger size, the death rate also rises until a state of balance is reached. Enlarged competition due to population volume increases the death and action of rats. Plan into or out of an susburb are less crucial in shaping the size of rat infestations than each of two breeding or death. Rats often drift much larger distances than the bounds of their normal home base (rats 25-50 meters, mice 5-10 meters) as, for example, their yearly movement from house to unit in autum and then back to the house in the spring; and their movements when their normally is when food is cut off, or when they are poisoned out or baited in Melbourne.


Rat And Mice Signs


There are situations where rats occur in large numbers, such as sewers, garbage bins, waterfront houses, parks, schools and old suburbs. Rats like to make holes in the dishwasher walls and piping and chewing out the wiring is the first thing to go. In most cases, rats are very cautious. lots may be nesting in your area, underground burrows, in drain pipes, in roofs, inside walls, and lots of people dont no it. Most cases roof rats will be easy to control in Melbourne, some can be difficult.


Rats Today


Poisoning and trapping is what we do in Melbourne. To be really successful and getting to the rat is what we aim for. The most important thing is to set up large amounts of bait in and around the perimeter. It is very important when doing any trapping and poisoning to use the correct bait. Rats are very smart and the trap should be carefully serviced every 3 months and topped up on regular basis. We prefer to use commercial rat bait and our poison of choice is first grade


Roof Rats


The roof rat, we also know it as the ship rat or black rat. It is smaller than the common brown Norway rat. Their life span is usually 1-2 years. Females can have 3-5 litters per year, and average 6-10 per litter. Sexual maturity is reached at 12 weeks and females have a growth period of 28 days. Roof rats are mostly found in suburban areas or near water in Melbourne. They have good climbing skill and can nest in house, roof and lots of othe places. Roof rats eat a wide variety of food, and normally feed on bread, grains, fruit, and any item that has dietary value. They are consumers and will feed on insects or meat if they need to.


Rat Problem


Solving the rat problem in Melbourne by putting them on sleep sounds bizarre. Until lately no pharmaceutical product around that could make rats sterile, and even if they cpoul, there was still the million dollar question on how it could be execute. But if there were a thing were it was to work, the shock could be famous. Rats would die off without a supply of rat poison.


Rat Treatment


Rodents (rats & mice) are a serious issue in your home, that affect many Melbourne homes. Your homes are very inviting to them, as they have everything they need: food, water and warmth. If you think you have a rodent infestation at home, contact Rapid Pest Control Melbourne to inspect and treat the rat problem you have. At Rapid Pest Control, we will help and recommend to help keep you home rat and pest free.


Were They Hide


Rat Control and rat removal is a very common problem found all over Melbourne, and the surrounding suburbs. Rat removal and rat control can be a very hard problem to deal with on your own. Some of the whereabouts that you may find rats are in the roof, rats in the walls, rats in the cupboard, rats in the garage and several other locations. There are several different kinds of rats that are found throughout Melbourne. The most common rat is the black rat and the brown rat. Norway rats are often found in the tight spaces and in the internal walls and cupboards.


Were Rats Live


what kind of large animal can be making that banging noise and scratching in my house at night. It sounds like a big thing running around in my roof and scratching behind the wall of the plaster. You can't figure it out yourself and haven't got the time, find a pest controller in your suburb and he would know within few minutes if it's a large possum, roof rat, or a mouse up there, and if it's baited fast there will be no damage to your plastic plumbing pipes or electrical cable wire.

Prices in Melbourne start at $150 to $250 approx cost for rat & mice control

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