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A large animal or rat can be in your roof and making all that loud noise. It sounds like a it's running around in the void ceiling and making noise behind the plaster wall. If you can't figure it out, it is best to find a local pest controller in Melbourne like us and he would know within seconds if it's a possum, rat or a mouse up there making that screeching noise, and if you have to treat it fast, there will be no damage to your plumbing or electrical cables in Melbourne.


Originally native to Central Asia, the house mouse was brought down to Melbourne from Europe by early settlers. Now, it is found throughout Victoria and in most countries. House mouse is considered a nuisance because it eats a diffrent range of foods, breeds at a fast rate, and gnaws on most foods, including electrical wire and plumbing. When regular conditions are useful, mouse numbers can explode to a level where they can become a genuine pest, affecting damage to house whole goods, and food products.

Keep Mice Away

Mouse can bite through anything and any goods but steel. In my time, using steel wool mesh wherever you can, has been most helpful in Melbourne. You will need to do this were there is a hole. This includes small cracks and holes along the floor and even those high up in the cupboard. Just accept that these forceful animals can reach anywhere you can think of.

Call Us When Need of Help

If there is a lot of infestation, it's time to call us. If you're already alert that there are lots of rats at home, the problem is too big to handle on a do-it-yourself. A important number of mouse can cause a compelling amount of damage to your belongings, and pose a serious health risk to you in Melbourne.

Winter Time in Melbourne

As winter is on it's way and the weather becomes cold, rats and mice, move indoors to seek protection and hunt for food in Melbourne. They movably look for food at night so are they are not seen, however betraying signs such as droppings, biting food or other items, and dashing noises in the roof give away their being.

•3 most common rodents in Melbourne are the Norway Rat, the Roof Rat and the House Mouse


Mouse Were They Live

The house mouse may live both indoors and outdoors, most ties entering houses only when the weather gets a bit cold in winter time. Being such very small animals, their ease of access to to your home and the range of possible breeding sites is much higher than that of black roof rats in Melbourne. Typically within homes they will mate in wall, cupboards, roof ceiling, packet foods, bedrooms and many other locations at home. Outdoors they live in tunnels.

•All Rats & Mouse Control Prices Start At approx $120 In Melbourne

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