Termite Certified - Termite Reticulation System

Termite Guard System Fill Up

•Rapid can install and refill any type of reticulation systems from brands like termX, sx, altis and many more you can choose from. We also do the green box termite guard chemical refills and top ups to all reticulation system you have at home in Melbourne suburbs.

•These specially designed termite hose consist of a orange plastic hose pipe underneath the house slab or soft hose under your concrete paving or soil, depends on the the brand. Once the system is installed, we inject termiticide evenly to protect your home from termite certificate of compliance As3660.1 Melbourne.

•The termite guard pipe hose has small little holes in it and the chemical can then be injected into filler points evenly, this will create a protection to your home. The advantage of this is there is no need to lift pavers, dig soil, interrupt gardens or drill in to the concrete.


•This is going to assign single chemical for protecting termite barrier by a flow of a soil termite injection. The termite systems are all the same but work in different ways as the 1st is bifenthrin and the 2nd is Fipronil.


•There are 2 types of chemicals that we talked about to protect our home against termites and that is (Termidor) the active ingredient being fipronil and the other is (Biflex Aqua) and the active ingredient is bifenthrin. Now the first product is for treating existing termites and the second chemical is to lay down a termite barrier equaly in the termite guard orange pipe fill up reticulatiions system.

•All chemical top ups are done by licensed termite controller in Melbourne

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•Rapid pest & termite control Melbourne has years of lots of experience filling up termite guard green box systems, and it is filled up every 1-3 years. Call for a price.

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•Termite guard pipe refill

•Termite guard chemical top up

•Termite guard reticulation fill up

•Termite guard green box fill

•Termite guard barrier protection

•Termite protection As3660.1

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•Termite certificate part a & b

•Termite part a & part b treatment

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