Termite Certified - Termite Reticulation System

Termite System Brands & Installation

•Rapid can install most brands and refill any type of reticulation systems from Termx, Sx, Altis and many more you can choose from. Rapid also does chemical re fill ups to the small green box around your home, termite guard and chemical refills, and top-ups to all reticulation systems, to homes in Melbourne.

•A termite reticulation is a hose that we bury into the trench and the piping is placed below the concrete slab, evenly spread around the edge. The pipe sits 100 mm below the brickwork. This system is recommended for all new construction where it's a high termite area.

Termite Protection Part A & B

•These specially designed termite hose consist of a plastic hose pipe around the slab, which is a soft hose under your concrete paving or soil, depending on the brand. Once the system is installed, we inject termiticide evenly to protect your home from the termite certificate of compliance As3660.1 Melbourne.

•A termite reticulation system can be installed before or after the construction, this just depends on the type of house or commercial factory that is getting built. The termite reticulation system can act for part b As3660.1, your building surveyor can recommend if the system needs to be installed, most times it's installed between joining properties.

•A hose pipe reticulation system is basically like an irrigation system, designed to stop termites from coming through. Although there are a few variations between different systems, it is essentially a surge of connected tubes that have small holes across. The hose is filled with a chemical by pumping through one or two connection points, and the chemical leaks out through the small holes in the tubing and into the ground. The point of a reticulation system under concrete paving, joining buildings, and driveways is important to allow the treatment to be applied again to the ground. It avoids problems in the future ahead (recommended for commercial factory, construction of a warehouse) when the ground needs to be re-applied.

Termite Fill Up

•A termite reticulation system piping that’s positioned below and around the home of the factory. Its goal is to provide an ongoing form of protection against termites that lasts up to 3 - 5 years. The advantages of this are that it can be filled often with a chemical that we pump in at a rate of 5ml to a liter.

•The termite guard pipe hose has small little holes in it and the chemical can then be injected into filler points evenly, this will create protection to your home. The advantage of this is there is no need to lift pavers, dig soil, interrupt gardens, or drill into the concrete.


•This is going to assign a single chemical for protecting the termite barrier by a flow of a soil termite injection. The termite systems are all the same but work in different ways as the 1st is bifenthrin and the 2nd is Fipronil.


•There are 2 types of chemicals that we talked about to protect our home against termites and that is (Termidor) the active ingredient being fipronil and the other is (Biflex Aqua) and the active ingredient is bifenthrin. Now the first product is for treating existing termites and the second chemical is to lay down a termite barrier equally in the termite guard orange pipe fill up reticulation system.

Why Use Us


•Rapid pest & termite control Melbourne has years of experience filling up termite guard green box systems, and it's filled up every 3 years.

•All installions are carried out by licensed termite controller in Melbourne

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