Termite Control - Pre-Construction Termite Management

Termite Protection For Home Owners & Builders

•All new home owner, builders, developers, draftsman and architects should be aware that the Building Code of Australia or BCA, the Australian Standard is AS3660.1-2014. Stamped plans on all working drawing should be marked as (termite protection is required in accordance with as3660.1.)

•Part A is the most common termite protection around the pipe and it's called a penetration pipe collar, and it is put under the concrete house slab. Part A, this will be applied as a termite chemical barrier before the concrete slab, brick piers, stumps or footings if you don't have any pipes coming out of the ground.

•Part B, is the second stage additional chemical perimeter barrier or physical termite blanket, or reticulation system product, that will be used around the perimeter of the house at different stages during the build.

•The local council and building surveyor must qualify the property for a AS3660.1 termite certificate of occupancy once you have finished you project. It is important you ensure the building or house is protected during the construction with a termite barrier by installing part A. Once you have done part A & B you will be certified by us.

•If you miss Part A, we can we can do a AS3660.2-2000 which is a minor treatment around your perimeter of your home, which will get your termite certificate of compliance AS3660.1.

•When you have purchased a new home, the building inspector will advise to do a termite pre treatment AS3660.2 2000 if termite evidence has been found in the past

Termite Protection

•Hidden termites are a really damaging timber pest, producing making constructional damage to your home in Melbourne. Recent business studies advise that about one in four of all unprotected houses are exposed to attack by live termites. Harsh termite damage to Australian homes is on the hike overdue to current changes in the type of chemical that were used in termite AS3660.1, termite protection concrete slab barriers are design to protect those hidden termites from entry in all conditions. Termites are known to eat down the common walls and floors of timber homes within under 6 months of being built. Termites are allover Victoria, with a high rate of attack in nearly all suburbs. Rapid pest and termite control is proud to be authorised by Term Seal and Termidor as a approved company.

Termite Treatment

•If Termites are attacking 1 in 4 homes in the Melbourne area, then the matter is your home is most likely to be invaded if it’s not treated by a professional. As said by industry professionals is there are 2 types of houses in Melbourne – One that has been attacked by termites in the past and the other will be stormed by termites within months. All termites will damage your home that will leave with a big cost and the home owners will have to repair what left of it. Defending a property from termite opening is at no time an easy answer but it can delivered!.

•If a house has or has not got termites the action for protection may alter due to the resulting reasons. Building means of a home is the first thing in a accord for the right termite protection. Homes change in building and constructing a termite barrier powerless in their protection approach. This is why its detailed to hire a professional that offer lots of options in Melbourne for termite protection. If the property is in the planning stage and timber decking, house extensions, new town houses or units are going through town planning As3660 either way this means a pre-construction termite barrier is required in Victoria AS3660.1-2014. The sort of surroundings around the house come into detail when choosing the correct termite protection means – concrete paths, pools, drain pipes abutting the external walls, houses that have a zero boundary line, townhouse and attached units that are joined at one, there are lots number of what can i do, sadly one system will not always entire the protection. Home owners budget need to have different options.

What is Pre-Construction Termite Protection

•When you are building a new home or renovating a new extension, termite protection must be installed must be installed. Australian Standards 3660.1 states that a physical barrier must be integrated into all new house or building work that needs termite protection system. As a general rule, all termite penetrations collars and the perimeter of the house slab edge must be protected for all pre-construction termite protection.

•Depending on where the concrete slab needs protection by your council or building surveyor required to install termite protection, however we highly recommended that you do this. By installing termite protection underneath the concrete slab is call a termite collar (penetration) – if you don't do this, you will need to drill and inject the slab to get your certificate of compliance.


Pre Construction Termite

•Termite collars part A


•Footings - Sumps part A

•Liquid termiticide application part B

•Termite blanket part B


•Termite pipe reticulation system part B

Part A - Collars


Part A - Stumps


Part A - Footings


Part B - Perimeter


Part B - Termite Blanket



Part B - Reticulation System

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