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Millipedes control or removal in Melbourne: To get rid of Portuguese millipedes is to spray the house down with a full pest control treatment which is guaranteed to work the first time. The black Portuguese millipedes are native to Europe and were introduced by mistake into Melbourne Australia in the 1950’s to become a common pest. The uninvited guests arrived with the first shipments of cork from Portugal. They are easy to control are very common in areas where the ground is moist. Millipedes mostly can occur in large numbers and climb up the walls of your house.


To get rid of millipedes or centipedes is remove all rubbish from around your your backyard. If you have wood or bark that sit close to your home, move them away to remove covered areas that centipedes may choose to hide under when sun is out during the day. Mos-times, it’s smart to move rubbish bins cans away from the of your home and to be put at the back. Next thing you do is to seal up any block all entry points through which these bugs can get in, and making it a lot harder for them to invade your goods and were we live.

How to Kill Millipedes – Centipedes

Removal of millipedes – centipedes surroundings including junk, rocks, boards, bark, and other hiding spots around the home would help reduce the these bugs. The House Millipedes-Centipede will prefer to live in damp places like under floor area like bathrooms, under sinks, or roof spaces.

Were it begins is in learning how to control millipedes is removing their preferred territory. Use proper fans bathrooms, fans in toilets that get the correct air flow required. Remove any dead trees in your back or front yard, and be sure that compost bin is limited from the house. Reduce amount of bark used in the back, as it will carry lots of millipedes. Make sure all entry point are closed off for Millipedes – Centipedes to come in. The facts are easy. that is that killing centipedes is really only a the right way to do things, and until you can find the situation that started your problem you got in the first place.

2 of centipedes and millipedes are known to come from hatched eggs, but some types are born live. Some centipedes may live as long as five years. Millipedes are harmless little bugs, but the legs and muddy looking appearance is somewhat scary. If you some sort of experiencing millipede in your home, you can call us Rapid Melbourne for a free quote.

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