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Melbourne has the most dangerous spiders in and around, of the 9,000 or around that. Only some spiders have a threat to us and are more likely to harm our nervous systems include; brown recluse, red back, white–tail, funnel-web, mouse and black house spiders. Not a lot of people like spiders and most of us dislike and panic fast. Your first thought when you see a spider is to kill it, or to spray fly spray on it, or to get rid if it fast, or jump on it with your foot. So we look for ways to kill them at first. Aside from being scary, spiders like to hide in dark areas and come out when you least expect them. Most cant even harm you and not so deadly in Melbourne.

How to Get Rid of Spiders Naturally

Many of us consider spiders a danger as the chemicals produced by them can cause skin disorders. There are lots of ways to keep out these little buggers out without harming or killing them. While most spiders that are only hunters, others spiders spin their webs the some are just very dangerous. There is no need to use any dangerous chemicals to get rid of spiders. The natural and most effective method is to keep your home and backyard free of spiders and child safe. The best way on how to get rid of spiders naturally is by using a pest controller to do the job.


Rapid Pest Control Melbourne will target spiders on the: outside walls of the house, the eaves and spouting; outdoor tables and play house; and where accessible area were they could be coming in from; and inside the roof as well. We also kill spiders inside shed and other areas where the spiders are around and it is safe to spray over items lightly in the garage were they could be hiding in boxes and shoes. The spray lands these spiders and if the spiders that aren’t dead asap by direct hit with the spray, they will be killed when they catch there next prey or repair their new webbing.

Spider Dust

Dust is the best way to kill spiders in your roof void and ceiling. The good thing about permethrin insecticide dust is that it works straight away. Most spider dusts are safe for kids, and pet friendly. Very safe and almost nearly non-toxic. We spray dust it in your man hole for a full spider treatment in Melbourne.

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