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In Melbourne we have a huge number of mixture of ants and each type follows the basic system of living and working in colonies with their society being formed up of a worker and soldier ants plus a individual queen. Their colonies lean to be permanent in temperament and can be found in soils where their activity can be seen by the discharge of soil on concrete footpaths, back gardens etc. They will also nest in timber walls and under concrete pavers, in wall cavities and in roof so aware how to get rid of ants can be a must. Ants are a highly advanced social insect that will travel long lengths for food pursuing trails they’ve fixed and grouping around their food and becoming an unwanted pests in Melbourne.

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Ants can attack your house in search of food and water. Ants are group insect and mainly live in lasting nests. Colony sizes can vary from small to large. Ants can be hunters or predators reliant on their specific diet or time of the year or category. Ants are very common around your home, footpaths and up walls. They are often seen around brick work, walls, roof ceiling, kitchen and backyards. Ants are regarded as a pain or a pest in and around homes and surroundings. Ants in large trails are considered unsightly by the naked eye. Ants can attack most plants and their root systems. Ant treatments in Melbourne can adapt for ants depending on the format and neighbouring of your place. An inspection of the house is usually needed to identify the type of species.

Ant nests are mostly found in beneath the ground, wood or under paving, even if ants can also nest in plaster walls, kitchen bench, under concrete and in side your home.

To get a quote for ant treatment and chemical removal, in Melbourne, we require a thorough pest inspection to assess any ant infestations. Ant problems are common in the bathroom, kitchen, garage and outside. Chemical sprays are the common treatments for ants.

How to prevent a major ant infestation, cleanliness and hygiene is the way. Therefore, inside the house your home, dog bowls, dirty dishes, food laying around can all attract a ant problem. Also, outside the house, rubbish bins full of scrap, as well as left over food and left over drinks, encourage ants to come.

Try placing pet food bowls outside your home; this may help lessen the ant problem.

Lets look for all ant entry points in cracks and in and around the kitchen bench, shower-bathroom and wet areas. Outside the home, look under windows, front door and in concrete cracks, garden beds, up trees, and garbage bins.

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