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Possum & Rat Removal


•What kind of pest can it be running around in my roof making all that noise. It sounds like a large animal banging around in the roof and scratching behind the plaster wall. You can't figure it out so the best thing does is to find a local pest controller in the area, and he would know within minutes if it's a possum or a rat up there, and if it's treated quick there will be no damage to your plumbing pipes or electrical wire. Rodents are unchecked which means they mostly leak urine where ever they go, and that is including your home. Because rodents' front teeth always grow they must constantly gnaw or eat to keep them to an unto practical size. If you hear any scratching noise at night, or a tapping noise in your walls and roof, well they're probably rats chewing on your electrical wiring and plumbing, which can cause a house fire if left untreated.

Possum Free & Rat Extermination


•We often get phone calls from people thinking that they have possums up in the roof which most times turn out to be rodents. These are only two reasons why most people don’t want to know that they have rats in there up in the roof because most rats are a sign of filth but the truth is rats aren’t that segregated! The 2nd reason is the noise is far too loud and to be a small rat, but roofs tend to increase any noises especially where there is no insulation. I often tell my clients that mice sound like they're wearing tapping shoes, rats sound like they're wearing work boots and possums sound like you have gumboots! People often spot a rat in their garden and believe it’s a possum at night, the truth is rats dodge human habitation and the fugitive is more than likely a roof rat (Rattus) which is bodily different from the typical brown rat (Rattus Norwegians) that most people are common with. Rats and mice are deeply flexible meaning they arise in all types of climates from the very suburbs of Melbourne.

What type of Rat Poison


•By far the most active method of control is to use rat bait in safe boxes. The way to baiting is to use childproof rat boxes. Most people try to fix it themselves and wait until their husband gets home. So mostly waiting until you hear more rodents means you will end up using more rat bait and the risk of one dying up in your ceiling. By waiting on your roof for those single rodents when they first enter the house they will prevent them from setting up there and with a female producing up to six litters a year. The way to inspect or bait every 6 months, depending on the situation. Avoid using cheap bait which contains active warfare, even though a very effective way is to use a multi-dose rat bait which means that if you don’t put lots up some rats will claim and this bait tends to have a high extent of death up in your roof. We only use childproof-resistant bait stations at all times.

Using Poisons For Rat control


•Some people don’t like to use poison for lots of reasons, but the truth is rats won’t go away by themselves, the longer the problem carries on, the harder it is to control. Rodents notably, establish trails around your property entering into your home, which can pattern other rodents passing through into your home. The larger and longer it goes on, the more breeding cycle will die in your roof even without using poison there will be a bad smell in the roof.

Trimming Trees


•You can take some parts that can make your house less rat-free. Taking back any trees or bushes that are in connecting with your roof can reduce their access to your home. Proofing entry weep holes can cut down entry into your home. Remember rats and mice can fit through a small hole. Pipes to your dishwasher are common entry points that need to be plugged. Make sure to use wire, or steel wool that needs to be packed right. So try to make it rodent-proof. Don’t leave any uneaten pet food out at all times.

Pest Free


•Traps are not that good, they tend to only catch mischief young and rodents, not as older wiser rodents. Studies have shown ultrasonic devices do not work so keep your money in your pocket. If you are hesitant as you have possums or rats in your in you ceiling, place an apple inside the roof entry point and check it the next day. If the apple is being eaten away, then it’s most likely a possum, if the apple is chewed on and teeth marks clear then it’s mostly rodents. You don’t want to bait a possum so if you are not sure it's best to contact rapid pest control Melbourne.

Get Help By A professional


•Get rid of your rats and mice that’s is 100% sure! A typical rat treatment by rapid would begin with an inspection to identify the type, size of the infestation, activity areas, and most likely entry points. After this, we bait these activity areas using commercial bait and stations if there is a possible risk of non-focus poisoning. We use a few different types of single-dose baits which reduces the risk of death on your roof. We only use a combination of poisons as some rats even within the same types can have different bait choices. For example, grain-type baits and wax block baits. As well as baiting we also have lots of other tricks if required. Dusting with a tracking powder can be very dangerous to us humans. Consider proofing shouldn't take aid until after we fix the problem and take control otherwise you could lock the rats in your roof. Most of our clients get a rodent-proof done at the same time as their house is being sprayed for spiders and ant treatment.

Possums Rat & Mouse Treatment


•All control of rodents can take up to 4 weeks. This is because we need to allow the time for them to find the bait and run through their system. Because we use single-dose bait, death occurs 7 days after ingestion this allows time for the damaged rodent to leave the building. Although these baits are designed to minimize no death in your roof cavity, the reality is 99% will die (elsewhere) than your home. Therefore, if you have just a few rats living in your roof then you’d be unlucky to have 1 die in your home, however, if you had a large infestation of 10 rats living in your up in your roof then there’s a big chance you might get death in your home. But don’t get gloomy by this as you only smell them if they die near a closed downlight, electrical point, vent, or ductwork. Dried-up rats in roofs are very common in this business. Most people believe that because rats are anti-coagulants this makes the rodents look for water, and they go in search, that’s why they die in your backyard. I'm not a believer in this old wives' tale theory and have a belief of my own. When a rodent consumes bait it starts to feel sick and just like us, humans, they look for help. Once it is out of the roof the rat or mouse gets baffled and wanders away and dies elsewhere.

How long Will it last


•Even after the problem is gone away sometimes a noise might be heard on the roof a couple of months later on. Don’t panic at first unless the noise goes on for more than a few days. Baits can't stop rats from entering back into your home. That’s why it’s important to have bait time wait, and we place more bait than is if we need to control the basic needs.

All pest treatments have a 6-month free service period on all your inside rodent treatments, so if the noise does come back we will recharge at no cost!


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