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Are you hearing loud noises that could be rats or possums in the roof or either in the walls at all hours of the day, If so, most likely you have a guest into your house and there is no need to go without sleepless nights because most of them are not hard to get rid of if there rats or possums in your ceiling in Melbourne. Most of the large animals that cause these type of noises are from the rodent family like mice, rats. Most of them move into our homes because they are searching for food, home, protecting their babys. There are also cases where you are likely to hear scratching noises behind the plaster walls and it can either be during the morning or at night time. But most of the time, rats will make noises all hours of the day in Melbourne.




If you see a rodents in your kitchen cupboards, you might get scared at first. Anyhow, mice, rats, and rodents can carry health matters such as eye respiratory difficulty, itchy or irritated skin and nausea. You also need to get rid of them rodents fast them out of your house in Melbourne. Rats and mice are the rodents most often found in your home and you don't even know it. A professional pest controller will perform an initial inspection to identify what pests are about, where they are entering from, and setting up commercial bait. This rat treatment should cost around $150.00 to $220.00 in Melbourne. Pest control rat-rodent treatment in Melbourne is about your home and your health. When you have a pest problem at home, don't hesitate to call a professional in Melbourne. This will help keep your family, pets, and home safe, and pest control free all year.


If you’re having an issue with some rodents and would like a Rat & Mouse Treatment in Melbourne.


Rodents, rats and mice are often too fast to kill with a trap, and they tend to even be very smart to catch in the act of eating your food. They do leave certain signs of their being, however – such as scratching sounds through the roof and walls, empty and chewed into food packaging, and damage to other materials such as water pipe, electrical wire and plastic. When you contact Rapid Pest Control Melbourne, you’ll give yourself the benefit of having a professional rat controller in Melbourne fix up your problem. With a large range of poisons on the market, we help kill all rodents at your home or office. Our choice is to make sure that your home or office is protected from rodents in Melbourne.


Poisons how They Work

Poisons are the best ways and means for getting rid of rodents and rats in Melbourne. This can be dangerous to kids if it is not put in a full sealed child proof box. It is easy for a child or dog to be get to the poison if it is left out, so make sure you use plastic child safe bait boxes. We only use the best boxes on the market. Rat poisoning on the market today is known as anticoagulants rodenticide. Brodifacoum is known as anticoagulant poisoning, and is actually one of the strongest anticoagulants on the market. Most rodent control today applies anticoagulant rat baits. Vitamin K1 will cause death in rodents by disrupting the blood clotting, resulting in death from internal bleeding. Death is slowed; arising within 4 to 14 days after a single feed begins.


Rodent & Mice Poisons

Bait cycle and how more bait will not kill more rats but the correct bait will. Monthly checks and refill of baits will be the most active method of controlling you problem. And once the treatment has been active, leave the baits up for future attack. Rats are scared of humans, very smart, night time rodents look for food to eat, cover all foods in the kitchen. In many cases rodents - rats don’t live inside your home but like to come in when we are not home. Reducing the rodents is what we do by using the correct poison. Catching and baiting rodents is the easy part in Melbourne.

Prices in Melbourne start at $150 to $250 approx cost for rodent control

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Keep Rats Out of a Home

Clean your home and bins daily. Rodents might find any leftover bread crumb on the floor in the kitchen. How important is it to keep your house clean and tidy and make sure that they don’t have places to get into.

4 Types of Rodents


•Black Rat

•Brown Rat

•House Mouse

•Field Mouse

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