Pre Purchase - Building Inspection Melbourne

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Building & Pest Inspection Combined

Rapid carries pre purchase building and pest inspections in Melbourne Vic. We are a pest and termite control company that understand the stress and time of buying a property and making the right choice on that last day.

We provide building and pest inspection reports within hours of the property inspection, and are happy to discuss about the property that you want to buy. Site consultations can be arranged to advise on your new purchase. Our reports are easy to follow, and easy to understand.

PCI - Practical completion inspection is carried out on new pre purchase home inspections. We can inspect the house that are about to settle and check over the your certificates from drainage, plumbing, electrical, engineering, insulation, termite, trusses, waterproofing, and home warranty insurance.

Our building inspectors and timber pest inspectors are accredited building and licensed builders. Our timber pest inspectors have undergone a pest management technician licence and have completed units 5, 6 and 18. Company policy is that we are fully covered with public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Outside Check

•roof outside check

•fascia boards check

•gutters installation

•gutter water fall

•downpipes in position

•colorbond flashing

•paving water fall check

•brickwork is level

•brickwork is cleaned

•brickwork on the concrete slab

•brick sills check

•bricks chipped or broken

•bricks colour & mortar acid check

•articulation joints

•weepholes are installed

•mortar in place

•articulation joints external sealed

•wall cladding check

•render check

•clearance between windows

•external wall cladding check

•hebel panel check

•weatherboard check

•cement sheeting check

•window gaping check

•window frame check

•window scratch check

•door frame check

•door glass check

•door lock check

•weather seals external doors

•weather seals external windows

Inside house Check

•plaster ceiling 3 coats

•plaster join check

•cornice installed straight

•walls are level

•Skirting boards level

•architraves cut straight &flush

•skirting boards cut straight & flush

•paint work check

•door & draw clearance

•door handle check

•door lock check

•window lock check.

•cupboards check

•bench top check

•vanity unit check

•basin & sink check

•laundry trough check

•bench tops are properly sealed

•tiling is level

•tiling grout check

•tile silicone sealant

•bath & shower installation

•water pressure check

•taps & toilet check

•shower flow check

•water drain flow check

•lights & fan check

•power point check

•carpet installation check

•damage internal check

•appliance check

Inside Roof Check

•installation check roof

•sarking not torn

•clear spaces around light

•covers light fittings.

•platform for the heating unit

•heating unit accessible

•roof tiles fixed to battens

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Rapid Pest Control Melbourne: ABN 68 201 690 503 is proudly family owned and run under pest control license no - L005824

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