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Termite Guard Fill Up


•First before you start a term X, six, Altis and termite guard system chemical refill on a perimeter and penetrations retreatment, you must do a termite inspection prior to starting a fill-up. A termite system chemical re-fill or top-up is a 2-step process, check & fill up. This generally takes up to 2 hours to complete, and it comes with a certificate AS2870-1996 in Melbourne.


•It’s essential to a chemical fill up for termite protection in the soil, and this sits on top in order to protect the property from termites entering inside. There are a few ways you can protect your home; one you can refill the reticulation system or spray chemicals around the home which it still gives you a year 3-year protection. While both of these solutions are very effective and will last for 3 - 5 years, they’re not as effective and durable as a drill and inject barrier.


•There are 2 options you can fill this termite guard orange pipe system up with, one which is bifenthrin that is required to refill, so you do not avoid your warranty and the other option is fipronil, which is only used if there are termites found which can be very costly. Rapid also does all new termite reticulation system installations of term X, six, and Altis.


•Using the exact amount of the chemical exercise, this system helps to protect against attacks of termites that would otherwise enter from the perimeter of your home. Chemical refills in the reticulation system should be filled up every 3 years in order to maintain their full effectiveness.

Pre Construction


•Before the concrete slab has been poured, our staff will place termite collars around the 100 mm pipe or penetrations that come through the slab for (Part A). Once the concrete is poured, protection of a reticulation system is installed around the perimeter of the construction that distributes the chemical, forming a barrier around the concrete for (Part B). As all the chemical are eco-friendly, filling the boxes allow us to regularly refill the pipes (every 3 years) providing a long-term barrier.


•A termite reticulation system is a plastic pipe with tiny holes and filler points that is installed in the trench around the edge of the concrete slab, just below the brickwork. Just before you finish the project, the chemical can then be filled up through the pipework to replenish the chemical in the soil and form a chemical barrier for the termite protection as3660.1.


•This reticulation system is designed to help restore the chemical barrier between the soil and the concrete slab. The refill system contains a number of underground plastic pipes around the perimeter. These fill-up points have specific outlets that will release the chemical into the soil around them and fortify the chemical barrier in the soil for the protection of your property.

•Rapid specializes in all types of termite work termite protection for part a & part b. From treatments to protection and installation of As3660.1 Rapid supplies' termite certificate of compliance of all work carried out by us.

Why Choose Us


•Rapid termite & pest control Melbourne has years of experience filling up Termite Guard plastic pipe systems, and it is done every 3 years in all types of underground hose systems. Call today for a free quote.

•All chemical refills are carried out by licensed termite controller in Melbourne

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