Termite Bait Station - Monitoring

Termite Bait Station - Sentricon

•There are a few brands of termite baiting & monitoring stations on the market. We support sentricon always active, which the system is a above ground bait station, not a monitoring station like EXTERRA and other brands

•Sentricon bait stations are rated to be the best on the market. There a no lock in contracts and monitoring like the other companies or hidden fees. The bait needs to be checked at least once a year and it can last up to 5 years per station.

•The reason why we use bait stations is were the house our unit is attached, and were we can not chemical treat it the home. Before we install these units, we need to do a full pest or termite inspection of the home, and then treat inside were the termites are found.

•Termite specialist and their published documents have been agreeing for over 25 years that termite baiting was the future of termite treatment. The Termite sentricon and bait is leading the way in termite reduction. By only targeting those termites that attack your home, it reduced any need of those dangerous chemicals. Knowing those termites outside your home — the Termite stations offers the best environment and is the it's own system that will maintain termites without monitoring the bait, to treat the entire colony including the Queen. When it comes to termite treatment Melbourne, there is only a few options you can do to destroy the termite nest or the queen.

•Until know, the only methods available for subterranean termite treatment were the old barrier treatments using lots amounts of chemicals around your home. There are other termite control methods; baiting systems will not beat the old barrier treatments. Termite baits stations are a whole different method. With this method, we only use termite bait stations we when can not do a chemical treatment around your home and have no option.

•Some homes may have only baits as one off treatment; others may be unified with chemical or barrier treatments. Using a termite baiting system with a chemical protection will allow a cutback of amounts of chemical use. No termite treatment method can guarantee you will have termites again. Types of termite control may include a combination of two or more of these methods, a baiting system, chemical treatment, moisture reduction, foaming, removal of trees, etc. Termite baiting is a simple process in Melbourne Victoria.

•Termite treatment and termite protection work is done by rapid pest control Melbourne. We do all kinds of termite certificate of compliance AS3660.1 2014, we also carry out large termite pre treatments AS3660.2 2000. All termite certificates are given after the job is has completed.

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