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Trelona In-Ground Bait Stations

Advance Termite Bait System

•The stations need to be serviced every 1 year and the attracts refreshed regularly, and any monitor found to have become infested with termites will have new termite bait added. Trelona may be used as part of a classic monitoring and baiting can be installed right away with the installation of Advance Termite Bait System (ATBS) stations to provide active system on application (Active on Application).

•Trelona bait stations are rated to be the best in the business. There a no lock in contracts and monitoring like the other companies or hidden fees. The bait needs to be checked at least once a year and it can last up to 5 years per station.

•There are a few brands of termite baiting & monitoring stations on the market. We support Trelona which is always active, which the system is an above in-ground bait station, not a monitoring station like EXTERRA and other brands.

Baiting Procedure

•Termite baits are installed into the ground around the entire perimeter of the home. With some systems, e.g. Depending upon the station and company protocol, an inspection of stations may occur monthly, quarterly, or annually. On some homes, baits constitute the only form of protection; on other homes, they are supplemented with a half-liquid barrier termite protection.

•After the installation, all the stations are provisioned with bait. The termites cannot see or smell the baits in the ground; they more or less wander into them during their persistent searching activities. To raise the odds of discovery, stations are installed at fixed intervals, normally a few meters apart, around the entire perimeter of the building. Additionally, a chemical barrier is placed down for extra protection.

Baiting Cost

•Most homeowners pay $1,100 approx for up to 10 termite baiting stations. Larger baiting systems, for up to 20 termite baiting stations, could cost $2,200. Every termite baiting cost will vary in price, depending on the size of the home and the land and how many stations would go into the home, that's how we work out the termite baiting cost in Melbourne.

Chemical Free

•The type of termite protection you should use for your exact home and situation can vary, meaning that physical barriers, chemical treatments, and monitoring systems (or a blend of 2) could be your finest bet. Termite in-ground bait stations are a very popular option, acting as a termite home alarm system.

•This baiting system is one of the broadest protection for termite reduction, based on trials and the behavior of termites and colony termination. This system has the most effective results using a non-toxic method, chemical-free in Melbourne. The baiting process begins in the ground and involves the installation of the Trelona station to the outside of your home. This protection can also be used in conjunction with a non-toxic chemical barrier. The inserts contain materials termites feed upon, taking it back to the queen. Once the termite goes back to the termite queen, it slowly eradicates the colony. The bait is non-toxic for humans and pet safe.

How Does It Work

•Termite bait stations are designed to be placed into the ground and flush with the soil away with a childproof lock. Essential they are child-safe for your family and pets being buried underground in a lockable cap. If required, bait stations can be installed in concrete areas with a 100 mm core hole cut and covered with a sealed stainless steel cap.

How to monitor the termite bait stations, by checking for termites every 3 months. If your termite baits are attracting termites, an extra station is put next to it which makes the termites erase, and unable to eat and replicate. This is called an “insect growth regulator”, this works by stopping the termite from shedding its exoskeleton which they do diverse, and the bait is passed behind to the colony which is finally wiped away.

Installation Of Trelona

•When a baiting or (monitoring system) is placed around your home, you have monitors placed every 1 to 3 meters around the boundary of your home. On other systems, there is no active ingredient used at first. That means that you have nothing protecting your home. If you have a monitoring station, that is a plastic and wood installed around your home every 1 to 3 meters. Bait will not be added when termites appear until there is termite activity in one of the stations.

•Trelona® Advance Termite Bait System (“ATBS”) (BASF). Trelona ATBS is a monitoring-baiting system that uses the insect growth regulator “novaluron”. At the time of installation, the stations are pre-baited with two levels: one a grooved cylinder of wood and the other a Puri-Cell™ monitoring matrix. When termites are found feeding in a station, a termite bait cartridge is inserted on top of the wood monitoring base. Trelona ATBS can be used as a standalone product, although many companies employ a liquid spot treatment of soil in the vicinity of known termite activity.

•Termite bait stations can work for more than 10 years plus, so they are a very good investment.

WHY Bait Stations

•The reason why we use bait stations is where the house our unit is impossible to underneath, where we cannot do a chemical treatment to the home. Before we install these stations, we need to do a full pest or termite inspection of the home, and then install the bait stations, so we can kill the termites that are close by.

•Termite baits do exactly what you would want them to do, it is their job is to attract and kill off all the living termites. However, unlike other, more traditional monitoring stations and extermination methods. Termite baiting stations are well-designed to work in combination with the normal behavior of termites.

•More essentially, they’re designed to not kill the termite' activity within the stations but to take it back and kill off the actual nest as well.

Treatment Options

•Until now, the only methods available for subterranean termite treatment were the old barrier treatments using lots of amounts of chemicals around your home. There are other termite control methods; baiting systems will not beat the old barrier treatments. Termite bait stations are a whole different method. With this method, we only use termite bait stations when it cannot do a chemical treatment under your home and have no other option.

•Some homes may have only baits as a one off treatment; others may be unified with chemical or barrier treatments. Using a termite baiting system with chemical protection will allow a cutback of amounts of chemical use. No termite treatment method can guarantee you will have termites again. Types of termite control may include a combination of two or more of these methods, a baiting system, chemical treatment, moisture reduction, foaming, removal of trees, etc. Termite baiting is a simple process in Melbourne, Victoria.

•Termite treatment and termite protection work is done by rapid pest control Melbourne. We do all kinds of termite certificates of compliance AS3660.1 2014, we also carry out large termite pre-treatments AS3660.2 2000. All termite certificates are given after the job is has completed.

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