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German Cockroach Problem

Do you have house German cockroaches in your home and you would like them to go for good today. They are very common to household insect pests that hide in ovens, coffee machine, wifi modem, behind fridges, up your walls and other warm indoor areas you live in. They are most active at night time when they search for a feast and are out all hours of the day, their is no time frame the come out to play like the other German cockroaches. as a pest control company we like to get rid of cockroaches with a basic gel bait, with a larger infestation we will spray you house down with insecticide, that will remove cockroaches for good once and for all in Melbourne.

German Cockroach Treatment

What to expect?. The initial treatment will have a large impact on the cockroach issue, complete control may take 2-4 weeks, especially with German cockroach infestations. This is because cockroach gels take a few days to work, and the bait containing a slow acting insecticide is taken back to the cockroach nest, where it will spread to other cockroaches. This takes a little while and there are always un-hatched cockroach eggs, the baby will only be exposed to the bait when they are born. As long as you take the precaution actions to eliminate conditions that attract the cockroaches, our treatments come with a 3 months on small units and a 6-months on houses and the cost starts at $150 for a basic treatement. In position where there is a significant German cockroach invasion, more than 1 visit may be needed – we won’t stop until the problem is dissapeared!. All our treatments are kid safe around you and your family and pets and we will discuss any these concerns you may have before we start the job.

Remove Cockroaches

The cockroach, is one of the most strong and popular pest known to eat all from soap, glue, grease, oil, toothpaste and lots more. There are many different types of cockroaches and often times some can find to be almost impossible to remove or get rid of, especially when it comes to the German cockroaches. The cockroach is obvious a high felon when it comes to illness linked with gastro and stomach linked illnesses generally blamed for food poisoning. Active cockroach control relies on approach such as baiting and spraying. What seems clear is that if you live in Melbourne, where the warm, moist and humid surroundings are ideal, you will have cockroaches both inside or outside your home. The biggest thing in Melbourne right now is that we have lots of apartments going up, so the number is rising fast of German cockroaches and is going to increase because we have more in-depth living arrangements around the major cities. German cockroaches are mainly around the apartments because a lot of people make that fatal mistake of spraying them with fly spray that dont work. German cockroaches breed fast, and can reach pest proportions quickly, a single female can lay up to 100,000 of eggs in just one year.


Control Cockroaches Melbourne


Cockroaches are one of nature's largest garbage, they can eat almost anything and everything. So any kind of rubbish, even a tiny bit of food hanging around is enough for them to live on and survive. In high-density housing where you have a lot of kitchens close together living, lots of people with lots of food cupboards, that's going to be a place that's good for cockroaches to feed on. Sometimes it can be really tough, even when we try to be extremely clean to get to all those place behind the cupboard and fridge, or behind the oven or the dishwasher. Cleanliness is important but having a clean house doesn't necessarily mean you're never going to not have this problem. So the best way to kill or remove cockroaches is to do a full pest treatment inside and outside your home in Melbourne


Cockroaches price Melbourne


• For a general house treatment prices start at $150 and for a medium size home cost is $220 and for a larger home price is $330 • Cost of Cockroaches removal • How to kill Cockroaches • Cockroaches control options • How to get rid of Cockroaches • Cockroaches inspections and reports • Signs you may have have Cockroaches • Getting quotes for Cockroaches removal • How do you know if you have Cockroaches • How common are Cockroaches in Melbourne • How much does it cost to control Cockroaches • DIY Cockroach control and prevention for Cockroaches

Managing Cockroaches

•Pest controller can help by using registered insecticides to control

•Keep food preparation areas clean and wipe up food spills fast

•Don't collect newspapers, magazines or cardboard boxes in the house

•Avoid dripping and leaking taps (cockroaches need water supply)

•Don't leave pet food or scraps in pet bowls, wash the bowl

•Clean regularly underneath appliances, especially fridge, stove, oven

•Empty rubbish bin regularly and wash out

•Repair holes, cracks or gaps in the house walls, skirting boards

•Don't use insecticide spray because it just spreads cockroaches around fast

•Don't leave the dirty or unwashed dishes on top of the sink

•storing food in sealed, airtight containers and keeping garbage bins tightly sealed

•limiting water availability by removing unnecessary containers of water


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