Termite Control - Termite Protection

Termite Protection Part A & Part B Cost From $550

Termite Activity

•Termite activity is often hard to detect as it usually occurs in covered areas. It is recommended to plan regular optic termite inspections in and around your home to see any ongoing termite activity. If you think you have any termite activity you should call an expert to do a complete termite inspection.

Termite Baiting Stations

•These provide an inground non chemical termite protection around your home. Bait stations are placed in the ground, and around the outside of your home and are set out to control termite activity with the impartiality of destroying the whole colony. The average cost is $1,200.00 for the installation which still includes ongoing monitoring of the stations throughout the consecutive twelve month course. There is no more cost to exterminate termites during the season.

Termite Barrier Perimeter

•A Termite Barrier is a pre-construction physical termite barrier that Rapid Pest Control use to protect homes from termites in Melbourne. This is installed in your home during the pre-construction process and is formed of a to stop termites from coming into your home via buried tunnels.

•These are used in homes that don't have a physical termite blanket. This involves laying a chemical pipe in the soil around the outside of the house (under the paving or garden). The pipe has dumpers and when bifenthrin is pumped through the hose the chemical is divided into the ground. The barrier is in the soil and becomes an obstacle for termites and that is called a barrier.

Termite Blanket

•We highly recommend using either Term Seal or Kordon blanket that comes with a 50 year product warranty which is tested and approved by CSIRO. Made from insecticide pyrethrum, and it is extracted from the pyrethrum daisy. It is a physical termite barrier built all in one and is used in new and existing buildings. It can be used on top of concrete slabs, render, concrete blocks, on top of cement sheet and for all architectural designed homes. Quick and fast product to install and only to be installed by a licensed pest controller that comes with a certificate for part a and b.

Termite Certificate Protection Is Required In accordance With AS3660.1

•First of all building surveyors, home owner builders, large developments, architects and draftsman should be aware that the Building Code of Australia or BCA, the Australian Standard is AS3660.1-2014.

Termite Concrete Slab Protection

•Concrete slabs on ground form part of the termite barrier system. Withal, termites may be able to enter threw the timber framing at the edge of the concrete slab, and around collar pipes and electrical conduit or through small occurring cracks in the concrete slab. The bulk of termite problems occurs at the perimeter of the house building.

Termite Control Options

•There are two control methods of termite control treatment & protection. You can use water base liquid termite insecticides (Fipronil) for barrier and an in ground soil treatment or using termite bait stations around the perimeter. Some customers like to do both.

Termite Damage Australia

• Subterranean termites are a highly damaging timber pest, causing structural damage to homes in Melbourne. A recent study suggests that about one in five of all unprotected properties are subject to attack by termites. Termites are known to destroy the wall and timber floors of a home within 3 months of construction. Termites occur throughout Melbourne with a high rate of attack in suburban areas of Melbourne.

Termite Dusting

•This method, although is not common as it used to be, it is used when heavy termite activity is discovered and hard spots to get into. It connects the application of a powdery dust to infested areas and live termite mud trails. The dust is toxic to termites and is slowly passing on to each termite leading to the queen, prices start $880.

Termite Inspection

•New detection and pretreatment of termite activity is crucial to reducing the destruction caused by termites. We highly recommend 12 month inspections of your home by our experienced termite controller. A timber & pest inspection includes inspecting for termite trails, other timber damage pests and moisture. An inspection is a small asset to provide you comfort, compared to the expense of repairs from termite attack of your home.

Termite Inspection & Reports

• Arrange a full comprehensive report. A full written report is prepared for you at the fulfillment of each termite inspection. Our Termite Control plan will draw upon awareness about your location: from the location to the time; from the timber types to the climate. After an overall inspection of your whole building or house, indoors and outdoors, they will arrange you with harder on the best result for your single position.

Termite Protection Australian Standards

•Termite house protection in under the slab and around the pipes is a Part A & Part B slab edge is an external barrier, this will stop termites from entering your home if the job is done by a licenced pest controller we will issue you a termite certificate of compliance. We protect all types of work before you start a new build, house extensions, timber decking, new garage and a house renovation, or just to protect your existing home with a termite barrier cost $550. When termite proofing is completed, we will provide you with a termite certificate of compliance for Part A & B AS3660.1 once you have paid the full amount.

Termite Reticulation System

•After the concrete slab has been done in the groundwork for all buildings, the soil below can debate away from the slab, balance exposed holes, a step otherwise known as soil downward. This grant for natural termite entry points as they are located around the pipes. A reticulation system releases chemicals that will avert termites from coming close to the house. This is used to treat the areas beneath the concrete house slab of the perimeter.

•The TermX reticulation system has been designed to be basic with minimal parts to defeat the chance of brand failure under regular use. With comes with a 50 Year warranty, it is the finest system for part b termite reticulation.

Termite Treatments

•A chemical sprayed outside soil treatments for homes without a physical termite barrier system, are injected in the soil around the outside of the house and it will help cut down the chances of termite entry through the cavity walls. The treated soil is a deterrent to termites and dependent on the type of chemical is used to kill termites. Our termite treatment plans cost $440 - $4400 different choices to suit your budget that you can afford in Melbourne.

•After doing a full treatment with Termidor, your timber floorboards, walls, roof, subfloor and structural supporting beams will have a 8-year guarantee with TERMIDOR. We will beat any written quote in Melbourne or check our prices on our home page

Termite Zone Areas

•Councils may declare areas within their district that are inclined to be likely to epidemic by termites. Building a house, including house extensions, decking and pergolas, put up within a declared area must have some protection of pre-construction termite management. You should check the VBA Building Commission website www.buildingcommission.com.au or call your council or building surveyor to determine whether the it is a declared termite zone

Cost Of Termite Treatment $1,200.00 - $5,000

•A Termite treatment can cost anywhere between $1,200.00 and $5,000 depending on: the land size and square meter of your house; and the type of termites infesting your house walls; and the level of termite protection you need to treat for this.

DIY Termite Control & Prevention For Termites

•The best 2 products to use is liquid termite insecticides for a termite barrier which is a soil treatment or another sort is termite in ground bait stations. Most clients use both for a treatment. Do it yourself Termite control options are, termite in ground bait stations, DIY termite treatment is hard to do without a professional. Products that we can input to guide you do the job yourself, most of our clients need a professional for all termite jobs.

During Building Construction

•The exposure of attack can be decreased if effort is put in. The removal of tree stumps, off cuts lying around and to have a termite free zone backyard. Concrete slab is a very active termite barrier if it is properly designed and formed on stable able ground and termite proofed. Termites eat any cellulose material, this includes electrical cabling, some plastics, foam and other complex building goods. Termites only require a 1.0 mm gap to gain access beneath floors and find their way into any cavity wall and can cause destruction.

Getting Quotes For Termite Control

•The finest way to save money on termite control is to match prices between the various company's appraisal. Get a few quotes so you can get an understanding of what an equal price on termite control in Melbourne Vic should cost. It does vary greatly depending on the suburb you live in and the job required.

•Termite Quotes should always be free. You shouldn't get charged for a termite quote, but a termite inspection is different to a termite quote. You do not have to worry about that at rapid termite, no price and no stress.

How Common Are termites In Melbourne

•Melbourne homes are notably sensitive to termite invasion due to our warm weather and the high society of below ground termites in Vic. Most homes are built out of timber frames and is at risk of a termite invasion. Withal, a few homes imply to suffer from more constant intrusion than others homes.

How Do You know If You Have Termites

•Flying swarmers, timber damage, and mud tubes are all visible signs that termites are in your home. Termite province is a sexual reproduction, and swarmers, take flight in large numbers during the warmer months to look for a home to start a new establish.

How Much Does It Cost To Control Termites

•Termite treatment within the ground, dust $220.00 and $550.00 or foam may cost between $220.00 and $660.00 depending on the degree of destruction. Termite baiting could cost around $800.00 to $5,000.000 and must be redone at a small cost of about $900.00, A Soil treatment is the best lifelong of keeping termite distance from your home Approx cost $1,200.00 and $3,500.00.

How To Get Rid Of Termites

There are actually 3 methods that are in routine used to kill termite colonies and killing a termite nest:

1 Bait the termites to carry out the colony eradication.

2 Dust the termites if there is enough action to attain colony destruction.

3 Apply a liquid termiticide barrier to kill the termite nest.

How To kill Termites

•They are delicate and easy to any insecticide; just crumbling apart their nest will expose them to the adverse climate and they will instantly die. Killing the termite queen requires some ability, but not as much art as compared to years spent. If you know for a fact where the termite nest is located, you can physically or chemically get rid of it.

Signs You May Have Termites

•Signs of Termite Damage. Discolored or drooping on the plaster wall. Peeling paint that looks like water damage. Wood that that's hollow when knocked on. Small, pinpoint holes in plaster walls. Bent wooden timber floor boards. Extremely squeaky timber floorboards, crumbling and flawed wood, jammed windows or doors.

What Chemical Kills Termites?

•Fipronil is the active ingredient in a form of termite control products. The original brand is Termidor Fipronil is uniquely manufactured by BASF the chemical company to disrupt the central nervous system of termites that come in touch with the termiticide fipronil. It is really active as a barrier treatment during termite infestations and as a protective treatment in the ground. Fipronil is diluted in water at 6ml per litre and applied around the perimeter of the under subfloor to most homes to create a protective barrier for futur termite problems. Termidor in high dose kills termites in direct contact.

What Should I Do If I Find Termites?

•Should you find termites, try to cover them back as they were. Bunnings spray and disturbing the floorboards, architraves or plaster wall may get rid of a few termites in those areas but in doing so you have lightened the chances of us killing the queen. The termites will attack and will choose to another position of the house to attack.

•Termites regularly re-infest with numerous areas attached to the queen at a radius of around 50 meters. This, together with the matter that a termite colony can dwell of over millions of individuals, this means that if you find a termite infestation, call a local pest controller for some advice and treatment.

5 Meter Spot Treatment

•If you do have live termites in your home, they can be treated asap with what is called a “spot treatment”. This liquid is used to kill termites and are normally used for an outside termite infestation and is applied on to the active live area, slowly killing the termites and taking it back to the colony.

•Termite Treatment & Protection Prices Below

•All Termite Treatment prices start at approx $1,200.00 in Melbourne

•How much does protection of Termite Control cost? approx $1,200.00

•Cheap Termite Protection for a quick fix would cost between $440.00 - $880.00

•Termite Baiting prices start $800.00 - $2,500.00 & has to be repeated at a cost of around $900.00

•Termite Protection with a Spray, Dust or Foam may cost between $220.00 and $550.00 depending on the size of the house

•In Melbourne Vic from $250.00 for a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection, and $300.00 - $800.00 for a combined building & pest inspection

•Termite Soil Protection is the longest Treatment of keeping termites away from your home. Approx cost $1,200.00 and $3,500.00 done every 8 years

• Termite Collars Part A & B • Termite Certificate As3660.1 • Termite Protection For New Home Construction • Termite Protection Slab Part A And B • Termite Barrier Treatment • Termite Slab Edge Protection • Termite Pre Treatment To All Homes • Termite Treatment Australian Standards • Termite Barrier Blanket Part B • Termite Spray For Existing Termites

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