Rats In My Roof


Roof Rats Melbourne

Rats & mice inside my roof and walls at home in Melbourne. You must inspect up in your roof for signs of rat and mouse activity, and before you enter your roof to check for rats and mice, always shut the power down to avoid being electrocuted by faulty workmanship. Walk around your perimeter of your home and check for holes in your home and where water and shelter are easily applicable. Clean up all rubbish which would inspire rats from mating in Melbourne.

Roof Rats In Homes

Roof Rats can enter homes and buildings through gaps as small as 10-15 mm. They can also enter through door openings, window gaps, or screens, and central heating air vents. While you will not be able to take care every of rat entry, you can easily cut down the entry points for rats (and through, reduction of the population extent) by taking the coming part. This is why you need to exterminate the rat or mice issue very quick with some commercial poison, costs between $180.00 and $350.00 depending on the size of the house and problem in Melbourne

Rat Noises

Assure garbage bin lids are hard closed. Get rid of all water bowls or standing water, as well as any other water bowls. Block up all openings around the house, notably near spouting, down pipes and roof holes, as rats and mice are likely to get through the tiniest of holes and gaps inside your home, unit, garage or upstairs, this is why it is important to call us to get rid of your rat or mice problem in Melbourne.

Roof Rat Droppings

Roof Rat droppings are approx 10-20 mm in length, thin shaped, with sharp ends. They are usually a black in color, but may vary, change depending on of the food they eat. Rat droppings are a little bigger than mice droppings, that's how we know the difference between the two. Dry pet food can attract rats inside your home in Melbourne, so can any other dried fruits and dried meats as well.

Roof Rats Noise night

Roof Rats are mainly at night, this means that they sleep during the day in your roof and walls and become to seek food and water at night. They generally live above ground in roof spaces and come down at night to find food and water. This makes it hard to trap on the ground, rats a lot smarter than what you think, so the best way to kill rats and mice in Melbourne is to use waterproof poison or bait.




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