Pest Control Cost


How Much does Pest Control Cost

The cost for pest control in Melbourne is approx $150.00 to $550.00. This cost will cover a pest inspection and treatment for the pest problem you have. Most of our work has a 6 month warranty period, and this will fix up your pest problem at home.

Ant Treatment

Labor cost for a ant exterminator treatment. A standard visit for a pest controller will take up to 2 hours, and this will cost from $150 to $330 for the ant eradication, this depends on the type of ant removal or ant problem you have.

Bee Hive Removal

There are a few different types of bee hive removal that may take up in your home. The cost of a bee hive removal cost is the size and the amount of the hives there is the location of the property, with the average cost to remove a nest is approx $120 to $175 just for the removal of a beehive.

Cockroaches Treatment

Pest exterminators normally spray your house to stop the cockroach infestation, set up bait stations, this will kill all cockroaches in your home. A basic cockroach visit costs $120 to $330, and this will eradicate all the cockroaches in your home.

Flea Treatment

Flea pest control extermination normally costs around $120 to $330 for the first treatment, you may need second flea treatment in a few weeks if this flea treatment is not effective. Withal, flea costs may vary on the size of you home, which can all affect the flea price.

Mice Treatment

Mice and Mouse pest control extermination and the cost to eradicate these mice. Mice can cost between $150 to $440 to get rid of these pests that are found in your home. An pest exterminator identify what pests are in your roof, and where the entry points are. All mice treatments have a warranty period of 6 months for all mice treatments.

Rat Exterminator

All rat exterminator cost. The average visit cost of setting up bait stations costs $150 and $440, This will include a rodent inspection around the house. This costs vary and depending on the size of the building and the type of infestation.

Spider Treatment

The normal one-time cost for spider pest control costs $180.00 to $440.00. In most cases, there is normally a lot of spraying done including inside, outside and dusting the roof. The average house will take up to 50 litres of natural pest control spray.

Wasp Treatment

The cost of a exterminator wasp removal is between $120 and $440, depending were the nest is located. The higher the cost will be, to include the harder to reach areas with a ladder we go up. this is why the wasp remval price changes.



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