Termite Control Melbourne

One of our most popular termite control services Melbourne, begins with the termite control treatment stage before you start to build your home. It allows us to find what termite problem you have and what we have to do to treat this. We apply the latest techniques and only use Termidor termite treatments that come with an 8 -10 year warranty that is made by BASF. All of our termite protection service complies with the Australian standard AS 3660 certificate.

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Termite Protection
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Services we specialize in:

• Termite New Build
• Termite As 3660
• Termite Barrier Protection
• Termite Thermal Image
• Termite Chemical Barrier
• Termite Drill Inject
• Termite Stations In Ground
• Termite Barrier Protection
• Termite Sign Damage
• Termite Detection Camera