AS3660.1 Termite Protection Certificate

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The Building Code of Australia states that if foremost building essentials in new house construction work (including extensions) are susceptible to termite attack, protective measures must be taken. AS3660.1 and AS3660.2 offers a mixture of physical and chemical treatment systems found to meet BCA requirements. These termite management systems are installed to stop and/or reduce the chance of termites getting into the dwelling through a hidden path.

FACTORY WAREHOUSE - Traditional liquid treatments applied to the soil form an uninterrupted chemical barrier in the soil around both sides of the groundwork to all factories and warehouses, with the soil around the piers that will help the floor system be also protected. This barrier should prevent forage termites from touching the foundation and, ultimately, the wood structures. It ought to be noted that only the soil adjacent to this footing structure is treated.

STEEL FRAMES - A steel frame is tough to termite attack, and a house built with a steel frame without a termite barrier is a moderately safe choice for any builder. We do nevertheless see many unprotected, steel-framed houses with termite infestations across. All of which have resulting tens of thousands of dollars in damages to the non-structural timber structure of the home. Further often afterward, it's the invasion in steel homes that go unseen for long periods simply because the homeowners believe that termites are just not going to be interested in their steel-framed homes.

STEEL FRAME PROBLEMS - Although termites are not keen in your steel frame, they aren't fussy. They will eat around a steel frame to get to any procure of natural component they can find. This natural structure that are so appealing to termites are made up of skirting boards, in-house walls, built-in joinery, bath & shower voids, wardrobes, floorboard materials and furnishing. All of whichever are bountiful in new homes and perfect for a starved termite colony looking to set up sub nests and colonies under the ordinary steel frame home.

TERMITE PROTECTION - Rapid specialises in pre-construction termites for new home protection for existing, roof trusses, renovated, townhouse, or single homes. However, if you’re building a new home, or you want to put a barrier on a house extension, the supply of a certificate for part a or part b (3660.1) will comply with Australian Standards. Part A is the most common termite protection, and It’s put around all penetration pipe collars, and electrical conduit before the concrete slab is completed. Part b is when the slab has been done, which can be a chemical perimeter barrier/reticulation system/termite blanket / these all can be installed, just depends on what stage of the construction you have arranged a termite company.

TERMITE TREATMENT - Termite treatments (3660.2) using chemicals is called chemical soil treatment and drill injection. This treatment involves laying a barrier through the soil with a chemical called Termidor Fipronil. The treated soil is pointed as a chemical treatment. Termites are controlled when they move through the soil and tunnel into the treated area. Termite treatments are very effective when your home is under attack from live termites.

TYPES OF CONSTRUCTION - Termite protection As3660.1 certificate of compliance is required for any building permit that has been issued for a new home or existing house construction for a concrete slab, brick piers, roof trusses, new extension decking, or new concrete stumps.

Part A will be applied as a barrier before the slab has been completed or in a “pre-slab” phase of the build.

Part B, additional chemical and/or physical products can be used around the perimeter of the home at different stages of the construction.

Termite Management Certificate Of Installation And Treatment

On the completion of a compliant termite management of installation AS3660.1 the builder or homeowner receives the appropriate documents.

Certificate of Installation - Meter Box Sticker


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Termite Management Melbourne
Australian Standard 3660.1 - 2014 Termite Management notice - New Building Work is referenced in the Building Code of Australia that is the (BCA) Part A and Part B. New building work provides tools to conduct termite risks to both current structures and after the development of new buildings carried in and around structures. Termite protection is required in accordance with AS3660.1

May Have Found Termites Melbourne
Do you think your Melbourne home might have termite damage or termites? Never give up or think that no matter what you do, your house will collapse. Our intention is to help you. For the most part, the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Termite Victoria can provide advice and services. Once a termite infestation has been identified and found, we can take quick action to destroy it and prevent it from recurring again.

Pre-construction Services Melbourne
pre-construction services, such as termite control for buildings, commercial factories, warehouses, and any steel frames. Termite protection certificate of conformity AS3660.1 for parts a and b applicable to all newly constructed commercial factories and warehouses. A chemical barrier may be applied if the steel factory or warehouse does not have a neighbouring property; you should check with your building surveyor if this is the case. Termite collars around rises and part b for the adjoining factories are the items that must be applied for termite protection. A reticulation system will be applied around the perimeter of the commercial properties.

Commercial Treatment Melbourne
In Melbourne, all new commercial steel construction, existing homes, factory/warehouse footing spray, house renovations, steel frames, subfloor spray, new timber deck certificate, and new house subfloor stump spray are subject to termite protection as3660.1 for parts a and b. Before or after the concrete slab is constructed, Rapid can install any kind of physical or chemical barrier around the slab in compliance with AS3660.1; certifications are verified by a qualified pest control specialist.

According To Australian Standards Melbourne
During a short, non-evasive evaluation, the pre-purchase wood pest inspection will report any evidence of termite treatment discovered at the time of the inspection. The client should presume that if treatment proof is reported, it was done as a therapeutic measure rather than a preventative pest management measure. The owner should provide you with a statement detailing any repairs made to the property. Obtaining copies of all given documentation is crucial.

Termite Damage Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria homeowners might suffer building damage from hidden termites, a highly destructive wood bug. Approximately one in four unprotected homes are at risk of being attacked by live termites, according to recent business research. Because of recent modifications to the chemical composition of termite AS3660.1, the amount of severe termite damage to Australian homes has increased. Termite protection concrete slab barriers are made to keep those hidden termites out of the house under all circumstances. Within months of construction, termites have been known to devour common walls and flooring in timber dwellings. Termites are a common pest throughout Victoria, attacking almost every suburb at a high rate.

Termite Barriers Melbourne
In Melbourne, all new commercial steel construction, existing homes, factory/wharehouse footing spray, house renovations, steel frames, subfloor spray, new timber deck certificate, and new house subfloor stump spray are subject to termite protection as3660.1 for parts a and b. Before or after the concrete slab is constructed, Rapid can install any kind of physical or chemical barrier around the slab in compliance with AS3660.1; certifications are verified by a qualified pest control specialist.

Termite Prevention Melbourne
When building a new house, commercial factory, warehouse or even simply a new addition to a steel frame and roof trusses, termite protection must be used. Australian Standards 3660.1 states that a physical barrier must be included in each new home or construction project that needs to include a termite prevention system. Protecting the home slab edge perimeter and all termite penetration collars is typically necessary for pre-construction termite prevention in Victoria.

Termite Wall Roof Trusses
Timber roof trusses and wall frames are susceptible to sudden temperature changes and can melt or degrade very quickly in the heat. Even while treated timber wall frames and roof trusses can be secured against termites, lowering danger in Melbourne, Victoria, wood is still more susceptible to them than steel.

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